Navigata Releases Next Generation Hotel Broadband

Navigata Communications Releases Next Generation Hotel Internet Service

Navigata Provides Hotels with the Ability to Attract New Business with Reliable and Inexpensive High Speed Internet Service

Vancouver, BC February 23, 2004-–Navigata Communications Inc, has announced the launch of their new hotel high-speed Internet service. The service, named Navigata Hotel Broadband service, is a turnkey solution allowing hotels to easily and affordably provide high-speed Internet access to guests. This solution offers a ‘plug and play’ connection, without the limitations and configuration issues usually associated with wireless access.

“Today’s Internet savvy customers are demanding that their hotels offer reliable and inexpensive high-speed Internet service,” said Geoffrey Gachallan, Service Development Manager at Navigata. “The Navigata Hotel Broadband service both meets customer demands, and provides a way for hotels to grow their business.”

The predicted success of this product launch is supported by industry research, which indicates that the hotel broadband market is positioned for significant growth. For example, In-Stat/MDR reports that hotels perceive broadband as a necessary service offering to remain competitive in the current environment. According to their findings, the global number of hotel rooms with Internet connections is expected to rise from less than 400,000 in 2003 to nearly 2.3 million by 2007, with North America leading the worldwide market.

The cost of deployment and ongoing service has been one of the primary obstacles to widespread adoption of high speed Internet technology by the hotel industry. Navigata’s solution overcomes this barrier. Built to fit the needs of both the hotel guest and the hotel operator, the solution is unique in that it uses existing wiring and the latest plug & play technology. This greatly reduces the implementation costs to the hotel. No software is required as guests plug in with their USB or Ethernet cable.

“Not only does this solution reduce costs, it provides new profit generating capabilities. As such, more hotels are adopting this new approach to providing guests with reliable Internet service,” adds Mr. Gachallan.

The service allows connections to the Internet at speeds up to 50 times faster than dial-up connections and, as future demand grows, can be upgraded to allow for speeds 100 times faster than current high-speed technology. Navigata coordinates all aspects of the project and provides 24/7 guest and hotel technical support.

“Hotel operators are not asking if they should implement high speed Internet, they are asking when,” said Rick Daw, Director of Product Marketing. “Our service will enhance hotel guest satisfaction, increase customer loyalty and drive additional occupancy. And best of all, it is a seamless and simple solution.”

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