Dermont Strong, Vice President, Finance & CFO
BC Bearings Engineers Limited

"With Navigata, we enjoy a consistent level of good service from a local supplier who is responsive to our problems and concerns."

Charles Myers, Controller
The Brown Group of Companies

"Before successfully converting our local and long distance lines, they took the time to get to know our business and understand our needs. I couldn't even get a rep from our previous provider to meet with me."

John Foss, Senior Telecom Specialist
Duke Energy Gas Transmissions

"We've been with them for 40 years. It's an evolving partnership that's delivered good results and has been very beneficial."

Stephane Lessard, President
ProShip Entertainment

"The transition from our previous provider to Navigata was very quick and problem-free. Their prices are good, as is their reliability."

Fred Shannon, Vice President
Shandex Group Ltd.

"Our Navigata account rep is our only necessary contact. She answers the phone personally and if she doesn't immediately have the answer to my question, she has the drive to follow up on it. My experience dealing with Navigata has far exceeded my expectations."

Guy Fietz, President & CEO
Triton Global Communications

"What makes Navigata different is their outside of the box solutions and whatever it takes attitude. Their 24-7 responsiveness and follow-up is critical to our business environment. Our partnership with them has been mutually beneficial."