Coverage Areas Tool

This tool is used to identify NPA-NXXs that are:

  • Local Number Portable to Navigata
  • Long Distance Serviceable by Navigata

Download Instructions

    1. Click the Download button below
    2. You will be prompted by File Download – Security Warning dialog message box
    3. Click on the [Save] Button
    4. You will be prompted for a location to save the file
        Suggestions: Save it on your Desktop or somewhere easy to find on your C: drive
    5. Select a location of your choice and click Save
    6. After the Download is completed…you may
        • Click Open to use the Tool
        • Click Close and run the file manually
    7. You may or may not be prompted with a security question depending on your computer setting

File Name: NavTool.mde
File Version: 2.5
Post Date: 2008/12/04
Definition Date: 2008/12/15
Requirements: MS Access 2002 or later & Internet Connection