Navigata IP VPN Service

Navigata Communications' Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) extends the reach of your network by taking advantage of the ubiquity of the Internet. Navigata’s IP VPN lets you create or expand a Wide Area Network (WAN), build a corporate Intranet or Extranet, or connect geographically dispersed offices or personnel, over a public or private IP network. Typical applications for IP VPN service would include the following:

  • Intranet VPN: Connecting businesses with multiple branch offices and/or remote offices, providing links to file servers, storage devices, e-mail and corporate Intranets.
  • Extranet VPN: Connecting businesses with their partners, suppliers and/or customers, facilitating e-business, supply chain management and EDI.
  • Remote Access: Connecting businesses with their employees on the road or home offices.


  • The latest security protocols and technology to ensure that sensitive data travels the world safely and securely.
  • IP Security (IPSec) standards create secure tunnel connections, and encrypt and transport the data.
  • All data is encrypted at Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES).
  • Cisco suite of 1700 series routers and PIX family of firewalls.
  • Can be overlaid on any Navigata broadband Internet connection.
  • Web-based access to password management.
  • 24/7 core network monitoring and technical support.


  • Businesses with a mobile workforce can realize significant cost savings over toll-free or long distance charges.
  • More cost effective than other types of connections, such as leased private lines.
  • Economical and convenient way to extend connectivity to suppliers, business partners and customers, while being assured of secure access.
  • Economical means to improve employee productivity.


National coverage.


Please contact a Navigata representative for pricing information in your area.