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E-mail Protection Services

E-mail Protection Services

E-mail Protection Services is the industry's most comprehensive, flexible and trusted e-mail security service. Based on a patented managed service platform from Postini Inc., E-mail Protection Services blocks spam, phishing, viruses and other e-mail threats before they can reach your enterprise e-mail gateway.

By choosing E-mail Protection Services, you can effectively prevent evolving e-mail threats from impacting your network and end users, reduce complexity, ease your administrative burden and lower your total cost of ownership when compared to maintaining in-house software and/or appliance products.


Beyond just filtering viruses and spam, E-mail Protection Services provides:

  • E-mail threat prevention: IP connection analysis, virus filtering, and spam filtering.
  • E-mail compliance: attachment filtering, content filtering, and encryption .
  • E-mail Management: disaster recovery, load balancing, monitoring/alerts, and web-based reporting.


  • Comprehensive e-mail threat prevention to stop spam, viruses, phishing and directory harvest attacks.
  • Stopping spam and viruses before they reach your e-mail gateway improves the performance of your network and prolongs having to expand e-mail capacity.
  • Customizable filters allow you to implement e-mail policies such as junk e-mail blocking, various degrees of spam filtering, and approved sender lists.
  • Filter globally and fine tune locally with optimal management, user control, and customization flexibility.
  • Easy to set up. There’s no capital expense, no added administrative burden, and no ongoing maintenance cost — plus it’s available monthly.
  • Improved e-mail system performance and productivity for all employees, customers, and partners using e-mail.
  • Block spam and viruses before they pass through your firewall, saving bandwidth, server capacity, and minimizing administrative costs.


There are no restrictions to where E-mail Protection Services can be used.

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  • One-time activation fee $100.00/organization

  • $2.75 per user account per month
  • One free administrator mailbox