Navigata Internet Services

From High Speed Internet to dedicated high bandwidth services, Navigata has the Internet connection to suit your business - and your budget. Our network engineers can help your business achieve its goals on the Internet, from low-cost access to the most demanding applications.

High Speed Internet
With High Speed Internet service from Navigata, you won't have to wait - High Speed Internet lets you access the Web at speeds up to 150 times faster than conventional dial-up!

DS1 Internet Access
Navigata's DS1 lines provide reliable, robust, symmetrical 1.5 Mbps Internet access. T-1 is ideal for complex Internet requirements such as server hosting or Web applications.

Ethernet Internet Access
10 and 100 Mb Internet Access services are premium bandwidth offerings targeted at mission-critical business applications.

Avoid the high cost of leased lines and local access charges by collocating in one of Navigata’s data centres.

Web and Email Hosting
A cost-effective way for your business to enjoy top-of-the-line Internet, e-mail, and Web site services and security without buying, housing, and maintaining your own servers.

E-mail Protection Services
Based on a patented managed service platform from Postini Inc., E-mail Protection Services blocks spam, phishing, viruses and other e-mail threats before they can reach your enterprise e-mail gateway.

Internet Security Solutions
Professional managed security solution for applications ranging from simple Internet-based communications to sophisticated Intranet and Extranet networking.