Long Distance Phone Cards for Fundraising

Raise Money for your Organization or Sports Team!

Navigata offers our Prepaid Cards to help your organization make money. What a great way to raise funds!

How does it work?

Navigata’s Prepaid Phone Cards make the perfect fundraising item. Buy our prepaid prepaid cards at a discount and resell the cards at face value to your members. The profit remains with your organization.

Choose from hundreds of award winning ready-to-sell cards or work with us to design and create your own private label card. Your customized card can include your organization’s logo, team picture, play schedule, mascot, or anything else that you would like to see on the card!

You will discover that this is an innovative, easy and convenient way to bring financial support to your organization without any additional cost to you. The prepaid phone card is a great alternative to candy, cookies or relays!