If you have an IP-enabled phone system, add our Enterprise IP long distance service to maximize your Voice over IP investment.  

Enterprise Voice PRI

Do you have more than 10 employees at your location, or a busy sales or customer service centre? 

Enterprise Voice PRI service can offer your business many advantages over regular business lines by providing a digital 2-way connection for your incoming and outgoing local and long distance calls.


Greater flexibility - Adjust trunks handling inbound and outbound calls if you’re overwhelmed by business demands or seasonal fluctuations.

Better customer service – Assign a Direct number (DID) to each employee to improve customer accessibility.

Reduced costs – Faster call connection, and enhanced routing supports more users with fewer trunks and less hardware.
Improved productivity – Screen calls or facilitate computer telephony integration by routing calls on incoming caller ID.

  • Digital Access Trunk with ISDN Signaling and 23 voice channels (1 D-Channel for signaling)
  • Two-way connection to the PSTN for each voice channel
  • Access to services (411, 611, 711, 911)
  • Caller name and number identification


  • DID numbers
  • Reserved DID numbers for future use
  • Release Line Trunking
  • Back-up D-channel
  • Additional call routing and overflow routing options


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