See the benefits of Enterprise IP long distance.

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Enterprise IP Long Distance

Maximize your VoIP investment

Enterprise IP long distance can help maximize your investment in a unified communications system by allowing you to connect to the Navigata high-quality voice network using your existing Internet connection.

All you need is an IP enabled PBX or key system and an existing dedicated internet connection and you can start experiencing the following benefits today!

How does it work?

How does it work

There is no set-up or installation fee to take advantage of this service. A simple programming change on your IP-enabled key system or PBX equipment allows you to route long distance and toll-free calls over your existing dedicated Internet connection using a secure channel with the Navigata IP-enabled long distance switch. The Navigata IP-enabled voice switch then completes the call using a public or private IP network.

Complete your network solution

Enterprise IP long distance works with your other Navigata services as part of a complete network solution.



You will be billed for this service the same way you are currently billed for long distance.  Each call is billed on a per minute basis with a 30 second minimum and 6 second increments.