Rebiller Services

Navigata’s Rebiller Service is ideal for resellers that do not wish to invest capital into their own switching infrastructure. Our Rebiller service allows a reseller to make use of Navigata’s Carrier Identification Code (CIC) to permit calls to be routed from the network of origin to the Navigata network, for completion of the calls by Navigata. Outbound rebillers can offer their customers origination and termination of all calls within Canada. Navigata also offers termination to over 230 destinations worldwide.


  • Feature Group D access to local networks provides a superior feature set.
  • Reliable exchanges of information via secure FTP transfer. Includes billing details, ANI information and TCSI data.
  • Support for Account Codes.
  • Daily electronic delivery of end-customer dialed call detail information.
  • Monthly reports on billable minutes by date, originating region and terminating region.
  • Flexible billing increments.
  • Pricing based on either term or volume commitments.


  • Instant presence across Canada without owning an infrastructure.
  • Choice of preferred billing cycle for end users through availability of daily-rated CDRs.
  • Use of Navigata’s superior services and product offerings.
  • Direct support from Navigata’s highly skilled network operations team.
  • Ease of reconciliation from detailed monthly reports.


Rebiller Service is offered around the globe. In areas not serviced directly by Navigata, we have teamed up with some of the most reliable and trusted partners in the world to provide you seamless connectivity.